Choose EKT as your lithium-ion battery supplier, you will get world-class facilities and R&D centers, a wide range of solutions and a fast-response service team.

Cell Technology

Unique Design for Heavy-Duty Application

Electric core
Temperature difference comparison

Superior Heat Dissipation

  • Structural flow and temperature uniform design, excellent rate and thermal performance;

  • The poles at both ends adopt the design method of all tabs, which has strong over-current capability and can cope with high-power scenarios;

  • The length is ingeniously designed, and the internal resistance range is appropriate, which is conducive to high power output.

Module Technology

CELL-TO-PACK Technology

Battery Module
Next Generation Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Next Generation Battery Pack

  • The first forklift and construction vehicles special battery cell, full pole lug, thick blade type
  • Standardized new technology application, support high power discharge, stronger power
  • Smaller size and stronger adaptability
  • The main shell of the battery pack is designed with aluminum alloy for higher overall strength and excellent heat dissipation performance.
  • The “Yue” series battery pack adopts air-cooled design with unique air duct structure, one side of the air inlet and the other side of the air outlet, which ensures stable operation of the product.
  • Unique structure design, IP67 protection level to adapt to multiple applications.

Safety First

Lithium batteries are important in modern technology, and their safety is critical to users and manufacturers. Lithium batteries offer the following safety benefits to provide customers with reliable energy solutions:

EIKTO lithium batteries have built-in protection circuits to prevent unsafe conditions such as overcharge, over-discharge and overheating. These protection mechanisms ensure the safe performance of the battery during everyday use and charging.

Lithium batteries use stable chemical materials, such as lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4), which have a low risk of thermal runaway under extreme conditions, thus improving the safety of the battery.

EIKTO adopts strict quality control processes and standards and conducts multi-level safety tests on batteries, including electrical performance tests, thermal runaway tests, and mechanical performance tests, to ensure that products meet safety specifications.

EIKTO lithium batteries are equipped with an intelligent battery management system that monitors the battery status in real-time, such as voltage, current, and temperature and takes action in abnormal situations, such as disconnecting the circuit or issuing an alarm to protect the battery and equipment.

EIKTO lithium batteries are made of environmentally friendly materials and do not contain harmful substances such as lead and mercury, which can reduce environmental pollution. In addition, lithium batteries have high recyclability, which helps reduce waste and resource waste.

Through the above advantages, Li-ion batteries provide customers with safe and reliable energy solutions, making them ideal for various application scenarios, such as electric vehicles, wearable devices, smart homes, and solar energy storage systems.

EIKTO cell manufacturing

Why Choose EIKTO

Manufacturing Excellence

EKT has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and R&D center to ensure that our lithium batteries, lithium battery modules, and lithium battery systems are always of the highest quality during development, manufacturing, and testing. Our production facilities use advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment to achieve a highly automated and precise production process, thus ensuring the consistency and reliability of our products.

Quality Excellence

EIKTO’s Cell is made according to the highest standard available in the market, the same level as of automobile industry.

With our strong know-how, we know what is essential and critical for your application.

No matter whether traction or energy storage, EKT product is proven in the market as the name for “reliable and robust.”

Service Excellence

EKT’s responsive service team and network are committed to resolving your problems within 48 hours.

EKT can offer cloud-based service thanks to the implementation of telematics and a mobile phone APP ( Lithium Partner)

When it comes to the components, you can precisely each battery system’s details from the EKT database.

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