TCO Calculator

“Use our intuitive TCO calculator to calculate industrial batteries’ total cost of ownership (TCO). Compare traditional lead-acid batteries with EIKTO’s high-quality, industry-leading batteries for a greener, more efficient energy solution.”

ItemsLead AcidEKT Lithium
Purchase Cost per cyclePurchase Cost (Including Charger)3000.06000.0
Cycle Life1000.03000.0
PurchaseCost per Cycle32
Electricicy cost per Full CycleBattery Energy2423
Charge Efficiency0.750.95
Energy consumption for charge3224.2
Electricity Cost Per KWH0.10.1
Electricity Per Charge3.22.4
Maintenance Cost per CycleMaintenance Cost every 60 cycles (Labor, Travel)50.00.0
Maintenance Cost Per Cycle0.80.0
Total Cost per CycleCost Ownership Per Charge74.4
Remark: Manual input is required in the green areas. The current content is an example.
* Not including other benefits of Lithium battery, such as quick charge opportunity charge.
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