25.6V Traction System | Lithium Ion Batteries




Technical data
System Dimension (mm) (560 x 163 x 510
System Capacity (AH) 150
Rated Voltage (V) 25.6
Weight (KG) 50
Battery Display Embedded
BMS (Standard) Without CAN
BMS (Optional) With CAN
Operating Temperature ℃  -20 -55
Cold Storage Protection  Available
Recommended Charger 24V/100A (1.5 Hr Charge)
Available Capacity  (1) 150AH  MSDA1 or Customized
Available Capacity (2) 270AH  MSDA2 or Customized
Available Capacity (3) 300AH  MSDA3 or Customized
Available Capacity (4) 450AH  Customized






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