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EIKTO provides our customers with the best forklift battery solutions through advanced battery design, fast delivery, and excellent after-sales service.

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To lead the world in safe, reliable, and cost-effective high-performance lithium-ion battery technology by applying our advanced capabilities, superior quality, and technical expertise.

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Customized Forklift Lithium Battery Service

EKT is a lithium-ion battery specialist, we manufacture battery solutions for all models of forklifts, offering customization to suit your forklift, application and budget. Custom options we offer include battery pack integration, battery management systems, and more. EIKTO’s mission is to provide battery solutions in a cost-effective manner, thereby enabling our customers to increase their productivity and reduce the overall cost of operating a forklift.

Forklift Lithium Battery Factory

EKT is the only traction lithium-ion battery industry supplier that provides end-to-end solutions, from cells to modules to complete systems. We have more than 600 experienced engineers, product developers, and technicians dedicated to manufacturing high-safety standards and reliable products for our customers.

Forklift lithium battery

Why Choose Lithium Battery For Forklift?

The test indicates that after 4000 cycles, the EKT battery system remains at 70% capacity.

In contrast, even the best lead-Acid battery is only good for 1000-1500 cycles.

Quick Charging & Opportunity Charging offer great value to customers and enhance the operational efficiency to the next level.

  • Real-time Monitor over cell phone
  • Operation Data Analysis
  • Diagnose and re-setting over distance

Although the initial investment of EKT Lithium is higher than that of lead-acid batteries, you will find that the total cost has a clear downward trend over time; the longer you use the cycle, the more money you can save from it.

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All of our forklift batteries can be customized, please contact our engineers for your exclusive solution and quotation!

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With the most dedicated R&D team and meticulous quality control process, EKT can provide the best lithium-ion batteries to meet all your forklift and generator needs.

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"I am the owner of a small warehouse. I was initially skeptical about using EIKTO forklift batteries. However, after receiving it and installing it on my forklift, I was pleasantly surprised and will be using them from now on. "
Jason Martin
"I've been using EKT Forklift Battery for years, and there is no doubt in my mind that their products are the best. I have never had a problem with them, they last me as long as I need them, and they charge quickly. I would highly recommend."
Barbara Smith
"I was looking for a reliable battery and found one on EIKTO. The battery I ordered is perfect. It charges quickly, lasts long and the material is durable."

Mark Sommers

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