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EIKTO provides durable, safe, and eco-friendly household energy storage batteries. Our products suit solar systems, houses, offices, and enterprises.

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We’re on a quest to help more people enjoy electricity, with less worry and fewer bills. We can do this with household energy storage batteries that are every bit as practical, reliable and affordable as the power grid you have today.

Energy Storage Battery

What is a Household energy storage battery?

Energy storage is a key component of a low-carbon grid. Energy storage can be used to reduce the need for new power plants, reduce peak demand on the grid and reduce the need for fossil fuel plants.

A household energy storage battery can help you save money by reducing your electricity bill, while supporting a low-carbon future. You can store excess solar energy produced during the day and use it at night or during times of high demand. You can also charge your electric vehicle during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.

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Why Choose Our Household Energy Storage Batteries?

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Reduce Electricity Bills

Lower your electricity bill by storing excess solar power during the day and using it at night. This can also help you shift your demand profile, reducing peak demand charges levied on each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity consumed in the highest 1-2 hours of consumption over a billing period.

Store enough solar power to offset your annual electricity consumption, so you don’t have to buy power from the grid, saving you thousands of dollars per year (depending on your annual consumption).

Reduce Carbon Footprint

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible, then an energy storage battery is a good way. This is because it will allow you to store solar power during the day and use it at night when no sun is shining on your panels.

In other words, you can use this stored power instead of turning on fossil fuel-based power sources like coal or natural gas when needed during peak hours when demand rises.

Reduce Carbon Footprint
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Fully Compatible

Home energy storage batteries are designed to work with your existing photovoltaic panels and solar inverters. They don’t require any changes to your existing setup, which means you can start saving money right away.

With a home energy storage battery, you know exactly how much electricity you need each month and can plan accordingly. You won’t be surprised by high bills when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Modular And Scalable

One of the most appealing features of home energy storage batteries is that they can be added to an existing system or purchased as a standalone unit. This means homeowners can start small and add more units as needed without making significant changes to their home’s electrical setup.

They can also scale up an existing system over time by adding more modules until they reach their desired capacity level.

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Energy Storage Battery Manufacturer

EKT is a leading overall solution provider for energy storage batteries, including development, manufacturing, sales and service. We provide customers with complete solutions from battery design, production to transportation at competitive prices.

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"I don't want to be without my EIKTO battery, it's so comforting to know that I can always use my electricity without worrying about the power going out."

Jason Martin
"I was looking for a battery that would be eco-friendly and affordable. After extensive research, I found the EKT Household Energy Storage Battery. It is the best thing I have ever done for my family. We are saving money every day and doing our part in the environment."
Barbara Smith
"All I can say is that this new battery has changed my life. I am so glad my husband talked me into buying it. I never have to worry about being without power again."

Mark Sommers

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