80V Forklift Battery

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80V Forklift Lithium Battery

80V Forklift Lithium Battery

The 80V lithium forklift battery is ideal for heavy-duty forklift use and can quickly charge when needed. They also have a high storage capacity and hold their charge well even after long periods of inactivity.

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♦ High energy density, high power density, high power output, and high discharge current.

♦ Advanced lithium battery technology with superior quality and competitive price.

♦ Superior cycle life up to 3500 cycles at 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge)

♦ Much longer service life than a lead acid battery, such as 5 years at 1/20C rate and 2 years at ½C rate for 24 hours per day usage(average depth of discharge rate is equal to 20% of rated capacity)

♦ Environmentally friendly without any hazardous materials or heavy metals

♦ Certified by IEC62619 and EN61000

80V Forklift Lithium Battery Application

80V Forklift Lithium Battery Application

EKT’s 80V lithium batteries have been used in forklift trucks for years since 2017 . The battery has been proven to be durable and reliable, which means it is trouble free if compared with products from other suppliers. 

Here are some of the most common uses for this type of battery:

1.Counterbalance Forklift

2.Electric Reach Truck

3.Towing Tractor


80V Forklift Battery Technical Parameters

We are a global company with local presence, and we already have more than 3000 forklift batteries for you to choose from; we can supply forklift batteries according to customers’ requirements.

Technical data
Rated Voltage83.2V
Availible Capacity210AH,270AH,280AH,300AH,350AH,405AH,450AH,525AH,600AH,700AH,875AH
Cycle Life> 3000 times
Battery DisplayColor Touch
Working Environment Temperature-20℃ to 50 ℃
Charging Environmental Temperature0℃ to 55 ℃
Cold Storage OptionAvailible
DimensionMSD Type / Customized
WeightStandard / Customized
Home Solar Power

How to choose the right lithium battery for an electric forklift?

First step is to determine the size and weight according to your electric forklift. You can find this information in the operator’s manual or the forklift nameplate,  once you provide the battery weight, we can evaluate feasibility.

There are several ways to calculate required battery capacity, but one simple way is to use this formula:

Battery Amp-hour rating x 1 hour required run time / Battery efficiency = total battery amp-hours needed per day

For example, if a 3-ton electric forklift has a battery amp-hour rating of 120Ah, a daily run time of 4 hours without break, and an efficiency rating of 0.9, then we would have:

120 Ah x 4 hours / 0.9 = 530Ah 

In actual, we shall always untilize all breaks for oppurtunity charging during operation, this will impact the calculation and reduce the required battery capacity.

Lithium battery is a part of your equipment, thus, we need to make sure the cable and plug which connects battery and your equipment are compatible, in terms of cable length and plug type ( Anderson/REMA)

Lithium Battery is only good for certain range of working temperature, and this temperature vary from Charge and Dischage, please provide the expected temperature of working enviroment.

Advantages of 80V Forklift Battery

Higher Energy Density

A 80V lithium battery pack has a higher energy density than an equivalent lead acid battery, meaning you can get more power in the same space and weight.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

A lead acid battery is less expensive to purchase initially. Still, it will need to be replaced more often than a lithium battery, significantly increasing your overall cost of ownership over time.

Less maintenance required

Maintenance costs for lithium-ion batteries are significantly lower than those for lead-acid batteries. This is because you don’t have to worry about the electrolyte levels or keep them topped off with distilled water (which requires regular refilling).

Environmental Friendliness

Lithium-ion batteries are more eco-friendly than lead-acid batteries because they don’t contain any heavy metals or harmful acids that can leak into the environment when disposed of improperly.

80V Forklift Lithium Battery

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