72V Motive Battery

The 72v lithium battery is a cost effective, environmentally friendly and very reliable power source that outperforms lead acid and nickel metal hydride batteries.

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72V Motive Battery

72V Motive Battery

The 72v power battery is a durable, powerful and versatile battery. 72v traction batteries are used in many different applications such as golf carts and electric forklifts.

A 72v power battery contains more power than a standard 36v battery. It also has more energy storage capacity than a standard 48v battery pack. This makes the 72v traction battery pack ideal for powering small electric forklifts.

72V Motive Battery Technical Parameters

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Li-Battery Size76.8V 90AH76.8V 90AH
Cell Layout3P24S3P24S
Total Capacity(KWH)6.916.91
Packaging Dimension(MM)590*470*263845*335*263
Rough Weight(KG)61.861.8
Working Current9090
Protection Current270A/60S270A/60S
Peak Discharge Current360A/30S360A/30S
Serial ConnectionMax 1SMax 1S
Parallel ConnectionMax 4PMax 4P
IP ProtectionIP 67IP 67

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♦ Extended Run Time

♦ High Energy Density

♦ Lightweight & Compact Design

♦ Low Self-Discharge Rate

♦ High Power Density

♦ Improves Battery Life Cycle

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Can I charge a 72V battery with a 60V charger?

The answer is yes, but it is not recommended and may damage the battery.

The 72V battery charger is designed to charge 72V batteries. It can be used with 60V batteries, but it will take longer to set and may damage the battery.

It would be best if you didn’t use a 60V charger on a 72V battery because it won’t provide enough current to charge the cells in the pack properly.

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"I would recommend this to anyone! It charges quickly and holds a charge for a long time. The battery life is better than any other brand I've tried and the charger lasts longer, too!"
Barbara Smith
"I enjoy using my EKT motive battery. It is a great product, and it has been very reliable. I would recommend this type of battery to anyone looking for a good one."
Mark Sommers

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