6KWH Energy Storage Battery

EIKTO energy storage batteries are a clean, safe, efficient, and affordable sustainable solution.

6KWH Energy Storage Battery

6KWH Energy Storage Battery Introduction

Home battery storage is an important part of transitioning to renewable energy. With battery storage, you can store excess electricity from your solar panels during peak generation times and then release it when needed. This means you can use less grid electricity and rely more on your own renewable generation.

6KWH Energy Storage Battery Parameters

EKT energy storage battery is a new advanced solution designed to ensure a safe and stable power supply.

Nominal Voltage(V)51.2
Depth of discharge(DOD)80%
Cycle life4000 cycle 80% DOD 25°C
Design life10 years
Discharge voltage(V)58.4~40
Charge voltage(V)58.4
Max.Charge current(A)100
Max.Discharge current(A)100
Communication portRS232/RS485/CAN-BUS
Storage Temperature(°C)10~25
Humidity<95% RH
Protection ratingIP54
Operating termperature(°C)﹣10~60

Explore Our 6KWH Energy Storage Battery

♦ Integration of storage and inverter, low cost and high efficiency

♦ High penetration rate, low power consumption, mobile power supply

♦ Low-cost lithium batteries, safe and reliable

♦ Intelligent control interface design

♦ Strong compatibility with renewable energy systems

Home Solar Power

Compatible with all major inverters on the market

The 6KWH Residential Energy Storage Battery is a power storage system that can be used with all major inverters on the market. It is suitable for use as a standalone home battery, or as a part of a battery system. The battery has an internal voltage and frequency converter, which means it can be connected directly to solar panels without an additional inverter.

Our Happy Clients!

"I am a huge fan of this product! I have a solar panel on my roof and by connecting it to the EIKTO battery I can store up all the energy generated during the day and use it at night for lights and my TV. My electricity bill has actually gone down!"

Barbara Smith
"I had to install an energy storage battery in my house because of the frequent power outages, and I thought it would be a good idea to have something that could power my house when there was a shutdown. I researched many batteries, found one that fit my budget and needs, and then installed it. It has been working great ever since."
Jason Martin
"I live in a rural area and my electric service is not always reliable. I have been using the EKT battery for about a year now and it has helped me stay independent from the electric company."

Mark Sommers

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