48V Motive Battery

Eikto 48V Battery Packs are the industry’s most affordable and reliable motive power solutions while providing today’s highest battery pack technology and performance.

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48V Motive Battery

48V Motive Battery

The 48V motive battery is a lithium-ion battery used in electric vehicles and other high-performance vehicles. The main characteristics of this battery are that it has a longer life cycle and higher energy density than different types of batteries.

There are many advantages associated with using a 48V motive battery. You can use it to power your car or any other vehicle, and it will be able to perform well without causing any damage to your vehicle or causing accidents.

48V Motive Battery Technical Parameters

The EKT battery is specially designed to fit lithium-ion electric vehicles, and provides excellent safety and energy density while maintaining the same form factor as a regular lead-based battery. 

Li-Battery Size51.2V 60AH51.2V 60AH51.2V 90AH51.2V 120AH51.2V 120AH
Cell Layout2P16S2P16S3P16S4P16S4P16S
Total Capacity(KWH)
Packaging Dimension(MM)400*320*252425*330*263590*330*263590*430*263760*330*263
Rough Weight(KG)27.428.242.561.861.8
Working Current606090120120
Protection Current180A/60S180A/60S270A/60S360A/60S360A/60S
Peak Discharge Current240A/30S240A/30S360A/30S480A/30S480A/30S
Serial ConnectionMax 1SMax 1SMax 1SMax 1SMax 1S
Parallel ConnectionMax 4PMax 4PMax 4PMax 4PMax 4P
IP ProtectionIP 65IP 67IP 67IP 67IP 67

Explore Our 48V Motive Battery

♦  High-capacity, high-performance lithium-ion battery technology

♦  High Security

♦  Lightweight, excellent performance, and long life

♦  Convenient installation and maintenance

♦  No memory effect, fast charge mode, and long cycle life

♦  Low self-discharge rate

What are the uses of motive power?

Lithium motive batteries are commonly used in various applications due to their high energy density, long cycle life, and reliability. Some popular uses of motive lithium batteries include:

Light electric vehicles (LEV): 48V lithium batteries are used in various LEVs, such as electric golf carts, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV), and small commercial vehicles for efficient, low-emission transportation.

Robotics and automation: 48V lithium batteries can power various robotics and automation equipment, offering a reliable energy source for these systems.

Marine and recreational vehicles: 48V lithium batteries are used in electric boats, yachts, and recreational vehicles, providing a clean and efficient power source for propulsion and onboard systems.

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"I've tried many different brands of batteries, but after I purchased EIKTO batteries, I knew they would be my go-to brand. Affordable price and long battery life."

Jason Martin
"I have been using EKT batteries for a few years now and I have to say they are one of the best batteries I have ever used. They give me about 3 hours more working time than other brands, and the company is really good at replacing them when I am not satisfied."
Barbara Smith
"I was skeptical about using the EIKTO battery at first, but after testing it, I noticed the difference in power. The battery fits perfectly and has plenty of charge, and I would recommend this product to everyone."

Mark Sommers

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