4.6KWH Energy Storage Battery

EIKTO Energy Storage Batteries are designed to keep solar panels and household electronics working in the event of an outage or offer up to 40% electricity saving for consumers with solar panels on the roof.

4.6KWH Energy Storage Battery

4.6KWH Energy Storage Battery Introduction

4.6KWH Home Energy Storage Battery is a battery pack that can store energy from solar panels during the day. The battery pack can be charged by connecting to a solar panel. However, the battery can also be set using electricity from the grid.

4.6KWH Energy Storage Battery Parameters

EKT aims to build a high performance, safe, reliable, scalable and economical battery for the home.

Nominal Voltage(V)51.2
Depth of discharge(DOD)80%
Cycle life4000 cycle 80% DOD 25°C
Design life10 years
Discharge voltage(V)58.4~40
Charge voltage(V)58.4
Max.Charge current(A)100
Max.Discharge current(A)100
Communication portRS232/RS485/CAN-BUS
Storage Temperature(°C)10~25
Humidity<95% RH
Protection ratingIP54
Operating termperature(°C)﹣10~60

Explore Our 4.6KWH Energy Storage Battery

♦ High energy density, high power density, and high efficiency

♦ The use of active materials with high conductivity, low resistance, and high purity electrolyte

♦ The use of lithium-ion technology to realize the safe operation of the battery system and long life

♦ Intelligent control design, intelligent battery management system (BMS) can effectively detect abnormal situations and protect battery safety

♦ The use of automatic charging and discharging technology to achieve the goal of maximum utilization of active materials and energy storage capacity

Home Solar Power

Can be paralleled to increase capacity

In a battery, parallel is the number of batteries connected in series. For example, if you have two 12 volt batteries and you connect them in parallel, you will have 24 volts. The capacity of the battery remains the same but you have more power available.

In the case of a DC/AC inverter, it would be possible to connect more than one battery in parallel by using a special device called an isolation diode (see figure below). This is done so that there is no voltage drop when charging or discharging each of the batteries independently.

Our Happy Clients!

"I have been using my EIKTO battery for over a year now and I am so happy with it. It has made living in an apartment much easier. I was paying $70-80 a month before installing the battery, but now my energy bills are only around $35 a month."
Jason Martin
"I have been using the EKT for about three months now. I can honestly say that my family has been saving a lot of money on our bills. I am very happy with this product and recommend it to anyone looking to save more on their monthly household energy bills."
Barbara Smith
"I had been thinking of getting a battery for a while but it was not until I saw the EIKTO ad on my Facebook that I made my purchase. The reviews were great and so was the price."

Mark Sommers

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