24V Plastic Shell Motive Battery MSP-NB Series

Plastic shell motive batteries offer advantages for users in a broad range of fields, Such as eco-friendly and economical.

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24V Plastic Shell Motive Battery

New MSP-NB Lithium Battery, which is designed specifically as a secondary spare battery for light electric pallet trucks.
Optional different battery capacities from 20Ah to 36Ah for various applications.

Compatible vehicle models:
PTE12N, PTE15N, AME13, AME15,Tyro LHE150.

24V Motive Battery Technical Parameters

Li-Battery Size25.6V 20AH25.6V 36AH
Battery TypeLFPLFP
Total Capacity(KWH)0.510.92
Max Continuous Charge Current12A12A
Max Continuous Discharge Current20A36A

Explore Our 24V Motive Battery

♦High Energy Density: This battery boasts a high energy density providing an impressive run time for your devices.

♦Long-life and maintenance-free Lithium-ion battery with quick and easy charging ensuring high availability and flexibility.

♦24V Voltage: Optimal voltage for a variety of motive applications.

♦Cost-effective: A balance between performance and cost, providing high value.

Why Use a Plastic Shell Motive Battery?

 EIKTO Smart & Replaceable Batteries for Pallet Trucks.

Maintenance-free Li-ion batteries, optional capacities for various applications are vailable,with its fast charging and opportunity charging features (charge whenever you want and as long as time allows) the operation time can be extended significantly.

With the smart design and light weight, the battery pack can be replaced when it is necessary to double the operation time.

Our Happy Clients!

"I recently purchased the EIKTO MSP-20-NB motive battery and I amvery impressed with its performance.It has a long batterylife and fast charging,non-stop.The durable plastic case is very good. My battery got very good protection.I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a reliable, efficient power battery."
"I recently purchased the EIKTO 24V 36Ah motive battery and l have to say,I am impressed with its performance.Not only does it lastlonger than any other battery I've used before,but its lightweight plastic casing makes it easy to carry and easy to replace the spare battery.I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a reliable,long - lasting battery."
Serena White
"I have been using EIKTO 24V plastic case power battery for my electric pallet truck and I am very impressed with its performance. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, but it also charges quickly and has a long charging time. . This has greatly improved my For daily commuting, I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a reliable battery.”
Mark Sommers

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