24V Motive Battery

ETIKO – 24V Motive Battery Manufacturer and Supplier, ETIKO motive battery is one of the best in class propulsion battery with an excellent discharge performance.

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24V Motive Battery

24V Motive Battery

The 24V Motive battery is an excellent solution for any application that requires a reliable, cost-effective battery. Our batteries are durable, long-lasting, and can withstand extreme conditions. You can count on us for all your 24V traction battery needs.

24V Motive Battery Technical Parameters

EKT manufactures and supplies Motive Batteries to suit a wide range of OEM applications. Innovative secondary battery technology based on solid engineering knowledge to provide cost-effective storage solutions for the commercial market.

Li-Battery Size25.6V 60AH25.6V 90AH25.6V 120AH25.6V 30AH25.6V 150AH25.6V 175AH25.6V 210AH
Cell Layout2P8S3P8S4P8S1P8S1P8S1P8S7P8S
Total Capacity(KWH)1.532.33.070.773.844.485.37
Packaging Dimension(MM)320*225*252340*330*263400*320*252285*190*263545*300*263545*300*263590*390*263
Rough Weight(KG)
Working Current609012030150175210
Protection Current12A/60S0270A/60S360A/60S60A/60S450A/60S525A/60S630A/60S
Peak Discharge Current240A/30S360A/30S480A/30S120A/30S600A/30S700A/30S840A/30S
Serial ConnectionMax 2SMax 2SMax 2SMax 2SMax 2SMax 2SMax 2S
Parallel ConnectionMax 4PMax 4PMax 4PMax 4PMax 4PMax 4PMax 4P
IP ProtectionIP 65IP 67IP 65IP 65IP 67IP 67IP 67

Explore Our 24V Motive Battery

♦ Compared to a 12V battery, a 24V battery is more powerful, with more capacity and higher load capacity;

♦ The profound cycle ability is much better than a 12V battery;

♦ Using the same battery size, the weight of 24V Motive Battery will be less than half of that of 12V Motive Battery;

♦ 24V Motive Battery have a longer service life than 12V batteries;

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What Type Of Battery Is A Motive Battery?

Motive batteries are a type of deep cycle battery. They are designed to be discharged and recharged many times over the course of their life. Motive batteries typically have a longer lifespan than other types of batteries and can withstand more charging cycles before they need to be replaced.

Our Happy Clients!

"I bought this battery for my golf cart and it was a great purchase. The battery was high quality and gave me no issues. I am very happy with the purchase."
Jason Martin
"I am happy with the purchase of my EIKTO 24V Motive Battery. It has a long-lasting cycle and it charges very quickly."

Barbara Smith
"I can safely say that the EKT battery is a good investment. It lasts a long time, charges fast, and this one doesn't take up much space."

Mark Sommers

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