2 Shifts&Charge Once Per Shift

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ShiftLi-ion battery charging nodeTime format: 24h[XX:XX] ③Time span from last time point [h]Li-ion SOC ④Lead-acid battery & energy consumption ①
1st Shift1st shift begins8:3001Voltage(V)48
1st round charging starts12:003.50.4074Lead acid capacity(ah)620
1st round charging finishes12:0000.4074Lead acid total working time from 20%-100% SOC(h)6
1st round charging starts12:0000.4074Lead acid discharging depth0.8
2nd Shift1st round charging finishes13:0010.8518Lead acid effienicy0.75
1st round charging starts16:0030.3439Total energy released by lead acid (kwh)17.9
1st round charging finishes8:3016.51Energy Consumption(kwh/h)2.98
2nd shift finishes8:3001
Next day 1st shift begins8:3001Li-ion Battery ②
"Remark: Manual input is required in the green areas. The current content is an example."Li-ion capacity(ah)450
Total energy released by Li-ion(kwh)17.6
Li-ion discharging depth0.85
Shift time: The closing time of the last shift is the same as the starting time of the following change.Li-ion effienicy0.9
Charging current of Li-ion battery(A)200
Total charging time of li-ion battery from 0% to 100%(h)2.25

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