12V Motive Battery

Eikto 12V Motive Battery is produced using the highest quality components and has passed rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of performance at all times.

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12V Motive Battery

12V Motive Battery

12-volt traction batteries are the most common type of battery used in automobiles. It is also the most used battery type in various applications such as golf carts and other types of vehicles. Each battery has two positive plates and two negative plates. The plates are connected together by wires immersed in water to create an electrolyte solution. The electrolyte solution creates an electric current that powers your vehicle or equipment.

12V Motive Battery Technical Parameters

EKT manufactures and supplies motive battery to suit various OEM applications. Innovative secondary battery technology based on solid engineering knowledge to provide cost-effective storage solutions for the commercial market.

Li-Battery Size12.8V 120AH12.8V 120AH
Cell Layout4P4S4P4S
Total Capacity(KWH)1.531.53
Packaging Dimension(MM)320*225*252330*255*263
Rough Weight(KG)15.115.5
Working Current120A120A
Protection Current360A/60S360A/60S
Peak Discharge Current480A/30S480A/30S
Serial ConnectionMax 4SMax 4S
Parallel ConnectionMax 4PMax 4P
IP ProtectionIP 65IP 67

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♦ Maintenance-free,  non-hazardous

♦ Resistant to vibration, shock, and vibration

♦ High cranking power and reserve capacity

♦ Long shelf life, low maintenance cost


What Is The Difference Between Motive Battery And A Normal Battery?

Motive batteries are larger in size than a normal battery and they weigh more as well. The main reason for this is that they are designed to deliver more power.

Motive batteries can be found in heavy duty equipment such as forklifts, golf carts and other industrial equipment.

A normal battery is smaller in size and has a lower capacity than a motive battery. This means that it cannot deliver as much power as a motive battery can deliver.

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"I have been a long time customer of EIKTO and I love their products. They are user-friendly, powerful, and affordable. I have been using their batteries for about five years now and I am always satisfied with the product. Thank you EIKTO!"
Jason Martin
"I have been using EKT Motive Battery for about a year now and I am very satisfied with them. I like that they don't leak and they last a long time. They are also easier to install."

Barbara Smith
"I'm glad I was introduced to EIKTO Motive Battery. We had an old lead acid battery and we had a lot of issues with it dying and not working properly. Using this battery made it so much easier when it comes to batteries Longevity. It's more reliable than other types."
Mark Sommers

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